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Mon Oct 8 2012 - Added others events for given address on the events detail page. Now you can see what other incidents have occurred at a given address. Report any bugs as usual,

Oct 5 2012 - We adjusted the site layout slightly to be more compatible with IE. Turns out we have quite a few IE users using the site. We also fixed it so the button in the navbar in the upper right corner should now work in all browsers.

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This website uses publicly-available law enforcement dispatch logs, as well as news media reports to provide a more visual picture of public safety issues in the Creswell, Oregon area. It's a citizen-run service very similar to what the Eugene Police provides for the Eugene community.

Specific public data for serious violent crimes, such as homicide, sexual assault, and stalking are not available from the LCSO, so they are not included here unless covered in the news media or provided by private citizen tips. Victim privacy would be of the utmost concern.

This website is in the prototype phase of development. As such, things are pretty rough around the edges and may change or break without notice. Let's see where this goes. Data goes back to September 18, 2012. We hope to add older events at some point.

For now if you want to see crime for a specific month, you can use the URL in the format, which would represent September 2012 (YYYY/MM) . For specific days, try, which would represent September 11, 2012 (YYYY/MM/DD) in this case. We should have a better way of navigating this soon.

Even though the data presented here is public information, we are strongly considering taking the site to a private membership to limit access. Let us know your thoughts.

If you are a decent Django, Rails, or JavaScript/CSS developer, we could use your help. Perl monks and data-scrapers, too.

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You may contact us by emailing or by voicemail or text message at (541) 357-7516.

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